Restart of Community

Bordersline has received a few more applications and it is the Headmistress' decision that the fall term will pick up where it left off. So she invites the students that were here previously back for a second try at this community.
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Location: Randy and Shi-eun's room
Day: Afternoon of the first day
Warnings: none
Characters: Shi-eun and anyone besides Rafe because she's the only one who's dared to RP with me so far and I want to meet you all XD

Randy stood on her bed, pinning up her last poster, this one of Aladdin Sane Bowie. The wall was now covered in band posters and photos of drunken nights in Helsinki. The other half of the room looked boring in comparison. She hadn't seen her room mate in a while, she was already asleep when she had arrived, and had left before Randy had woken up. Then again, Randy showered at night and had her headphones in when she slept so she could sleep in in the morning, so she wouldn't have heard Shi-eun leave.

She jumped off the bed and sat down on the computer chair by her desk, picking up her guitar and playing it, looking up at her wall. She felt at home now, with Iggy and Bowie and Jimi and Elton and even Simon and Garfunkel all watching over her. And then there were the photos, some of her friends back home, mostly of Morrissey, who was like a little brother to her.

Randy looked to the side of the room and wondered where her room-mate was. She didn't even know what she looked like.

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Meeting the Roomie

Location: Yukino's room
Day: Afternoon of the first day
Warnings: none
Characters: Yukino's roommate :-)

Yukino set her bag down by the foot of her bed and dropped her books onto it. Flopping down onto the bed she lay there for a second, her first day had been quite busy. Not to mention the emotional effect seeing Shizuru had had on her. Sighing she thought to herself she really should get up to shower and change. Turning her head she looked at the picture sitting on her bedside table, it was of herself and Haruka when they had been happy. Before everything had been screwed up. Closing her eyes she tried to stop the tears from coming, she knew keeping these reminders around was only causing her pain but she couldn't seem to stop.

Forcing herself to sit up she wiped her eyes, but before she had a chance to move the door opened and her roommate walked in. Yukino knew somebody was sharing the room with her from the other persons things around the room but she had yet to introduce herself.

"Hi" Yukino smiled, "I'm Yukino Kikukawa"

(no subject)

Location: Night Class Dorms
Day: about a day or so after the student council sign up thread
Warnings: ?blood sucking vampires?
Open to: any night class member, and eventually Rafe

Shizuru needed to talk to Rafe - no, she had to talk to Rafe. The conversation that occurred the day before with Yukino was permanently stuck in her mind, and through continuous thought, she came up with a brilliant idea. To begin to repay for all of her mistakes, she would make sure that Yukino won the election. It really didn't sound like much, or very helpful, but to Shizuru she took away Yukino's shot at a council position in Fuka by causing the rift that forced Yukino to flee. So in a twisted, lack of logic sense, she was fixing the mistake she had somewhat a hand in. But she didn't want Yukino to know she was doing this, it would hurt the girl's pride, so that was what brought her to the door of the Night Class dorms.

The grounds were empty, and almost eerily still. It was the afternoon and all forms of life should have been stirring with the warmth of the fall sun, but nothing moved at all. The sun still shone, but it fell on emptiness. Walking up to the large silver colored double doors Shizuru put on her most charming mask and knocked lightly - it was time to enter the wolves den. Shizuru had an inkling of what segregated the Night Class from the Day class, but nothing more solid than a gut feeling or hunch. In a way she was totally unprepared for what she came across.
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(no subject)

Location: LUNCH TIEM.
Day: 1st day of class
Warnings: none
Characters: day tiem ppl.

Randy stormed through the hallways to the cafeteria of the school. She already disliked the teachers, some of her classmates were total dorks, and someone gave her a detention for her untidy uniform, which was fair enough, she just wanted so see how much she could get away with. She looked around, smelling the food which didn't look too bad and picked up a tray.

Tray full, (a ghoul's gotta eat), Randy sat down at an empty table, put her iPod headphones in and prepared to eat her pasta. The sounds of old 60's and 70's rock in her ears, it was the first time of the day she was content, small smile on her face.

((TL;DR Come sit with Randy if you dare :D))

First Meetings - Student Council Sign Up

Location: the student council room in the U bloc
Day: 1st day on class
Warnings: none
Characters: anyone who wishes to sign up

Rafe lounged against the table a small frown on her face. She really detested being up and around during the day, but it seemed today was one of the occasions where she had no choice. As the only council member with experience (as the only remaining council member period) it was left up to her to inform and talk with all those who wished to get involved - not a job she particularly wanted. In fact she never wanted to be a council member to begin with, but she grudgingly agreed with the Headmistress that there was no one else that was really up to the task of policing the Night class.

Adjusting the dark sunglasses hiding her smoky eyes Rafe let her scowl grow for an instant before reigning it in; it certainly wouldn't do to scare off any potential applicants. The job was tiresome enough without her having to do the job of the Day class representative as well as her own; in fact, that sounded a little like torture of the cruel and unusual kind.


Hello everyone, this is the Headmistress, I'd like to proudly announce that the school year shall begin the 18th of this month. Later today (as in a few minutes) room assignments will be posted on the mod journal, and you can prepare for the years ahead in Roth Academy.

Welcome to Roth

Hello, this is Kaiva Lukain, the Headmistress of this academy. It is my hope that all fandoms can feel free and eager to rp here. Under user info you will find out all the information necessary to enroll in our lovely academy. Our next term will begin when a minimum of 10 characters enroll.

Countdown: 5 characters remaining before goal reached
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